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I want to start a part-time business from home will people take my business seriously?

Many people still don't take home businesses seriously even though nearly 20% of Canada's small businesses are run from home. Hey, even Google started in a garage! If you want to be taken seriously, then take yourself and your business seriously. Here are our top 10 tips to be taken seriously as a homepreneur:

Run your home business professionally, like any business.

Have specific hours you are available to answer your business phone.

Don't try to do business on the phone with kids screaming or playing noises in the background.

Get connected to professional voice mail or hire an answering service to take your calls.

Have a separate phone for business, always answer professionally and never let your kids answer.

Network by joining your chamber of commerce and also by joining any professional trade associations for your industry.

Be sure your business cards, letterheads, brochures and other collateral look professional. Dress professionally when you meet people.

Have a specific work space or room where you operate your business.

Establish regular business hours and stick to them.

Never, ever apologize for working from your home

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Home-based Business

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