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Isn't running a home business isolating? I think I'd rather work somewhere with more people.

Where you work and how you work is your choice. For many people, the advantages of a home business outweigh the disadvantages.

Flexible scheduling, convenient location, ability to combine work and family plus tax advantages make home businesses the choice of thousands of Canadians.

Of course, the opposite of those advantages-- long hours, not being able to get away from the business, distractions and potentially lower income and less benefits than a full time job make home business ownership a second choice for some.

Isolation is a reality of home business operation, so you have to build in face to face time with suppliers, customers and colleagues to add a little adult conversation to your day. One home business owner I know solved the isolation issue by getting a golden retriever. Blue sleeps under my friend's desk and they go for lunch time walks together. So, you may not need human companionship after all!

Carla Young
Home-based Business

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