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What's the most cost effective way to market a home-based business?

Wow. We could spend all day on this question. Without knowing what kind of business you're operating from home, we'll just cover some of the basic marketing tactics that make sense for home-based entrepreneurs.

Get a website set up. A well-designed professional website is often the first place potential customers will go to check you out.

Start with person to person networking. Check out your local or regional Chamber of Commerce, or go online and Google "business networking groups, your region or city." Odds are you will find several different independently run trade association network opportunities. Make sure you create some marketing collateral  a professionally produced one page brochure covering your services, credentials, fees and contact information is a must for starters. Next start social networking. Join LinkedIn, set up a business Facebook page and start Tweeting! Schedule time for social networking tasks so it doesn’t take over your life but it will help you expand awareness of you and your business.

Word of mouth advertising is still one of the best forms of marketing. Make sure you use current clients as bases of referral for you get testimonials from current clients that you can use on your website or brochures.

Cold call potential customers - follow up by sending marketing collateral by mail or email. Follow up later with a phone call asking if they would like to discuss your services.

Send out a press release to your local weekly and daily newspapers.

Start a blog and start posting to other blogs about your products or services. Blogging about your area of expertise, your approach to business, life, or just general knowledge is a wonderful way to get your name in front of the right target market while promoting your expertise.

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