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  • What should my business proposal say?

Norman Leach

Operations Management | Start-up

A business proposal is intended to present an idea, concept or project to someone who will potentially support, fund or align with your idea. This is different from a business model and a business plan. A proposal is a written or verbal "introduction" to your business concept - just long enough to get an investor or lender's attention. It must make a favourable impression in a brief amount of space and it must include the following key components:

  • Create an "elevator pitch" for your business - a summary of the business that depicts a clear vision of the venture and the opportunity for investors

  • How does your idea differentiate itself from other similar ideas in the market place?

  • Who will be involved in the business and why? What expertise do they have?

  • How are you going to use the money and what will the return be for the investors?

  • Proof read your proposal and have others do the same!

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About Norman Leach

Norman Leach is President of Norman Leach and Associates, an international consulting firm specializing in international trade, marketing, and public relations, with a goal of fostering economic development and growth.

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