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  • Due to zoning restrictions, I'm unable to register a home-based business -so what now?

Gabrielle Loren

Accounting & Bookkeeping | Government Rules & Regs

That is unusual. You don't mention where you're from, so we can't check into it for you. In fact, I am not aware of any jurisdiction in Canada that does not permit the operation of a home-based business - perhaps you are from outside Canada?

Some types of businesses are not permitted in some neighbourhoods. For example, you'd be hard pressed to get approval to operate a manufacturing business within a neighbourhood. But generally speaking, Canada is pro-home-based business.

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Gabrielle Loren, CGA, is founding partner of Loren, Nancke & Company CGAs, a boutique accounting firm dedicated to serving small business clients in all industries, and have established themselves as "controllers on call" for their large client base. View Website

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