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  • I want to include my iWeb blog on my website. Can I use WordPress?

David West


We did some research on WordPress and located a FAQ page about importing posts from a current blog. The response found here offers the following, "Yes! WordPress currently supports importing from b2, MovableType, Blogger, Greymatter, Textpattern and LiveJournal. WordPress also has a generic RSS importer, so if your current blogging system can export in a valid RSS format, you can import that into WP. Also, there is an importer for users of pMachine Nucleus in the works. The import scripts can be found in the wp-admin folder with names "import-x.php" where x is the source blog tool.If you currently use a blogging system not listed here and wish to convert to WordPress please post a message in the Support Forums and someone will assist you." In any case I would recommend you visit the WordPress Forum and Support Community as they may have some additional information that may not have been previously available, Happy blogging.

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David West is founding partner of eKzact Solutions Inc. &, progressive internet consultancies. His teams have developed hundreds of websites over the past dozen years, and is a proponent of a "coaching" approach to collaborative development of online strategies for his business clients. 

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