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  • I'm trying to write a business plan - I want to start an online jewelery business - where do I find information on the size of my market?

Janet McCausland

Home-based Business

You have to be part detective to hunt down statistics about your market. Here are a few great Canadian sources of market data information.

  1. Find your NAICS code - North American Industry Classification Code here

  2. Search your NAICS code for Canadian information and statistics - search your [NAICS code] and statistics and see what comes up - the NAICS code for "clothing accessories" is 424330

  3. Find an industry association - search [your business type] and industry association and Canada - industry associations are amazing - they usually have relevant, current information on market data and trends. Sometimes you have to be a member of the association before you get access to the "good stuff" but at least check their media or press kits - they're free.

  4. Check out Statistics Canada's

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