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How to keep your business productive during the summer

17 June 2017, 10:00 am by Samantha Garner

It’s nearly summer, and many of us are likely planning vacations and dreaming of beaches, barbecues, and breaks from email. However, what about your small business’ everyday tasks until then? Are you or your employees finding it hard to stay motivated and productive all day when the weather is made for relaxing?

Here are some tips to help keep your small business productive during the summer.

  • Set an example. As the owner of your business, you know that “do as I say, not as I do” doesn’t fly with your employees. Ensure that you and your senior management aren’t taking afternoons off to enjoy the weather, while expecting your employees to work late.
  • Take advantage of the downtime to handle behind-the-scenes work. If all your clients are on holidays, why not tackle that filing you’ve been putting off?
  • Your employees can take advantage of downtime too, with professional development courses or projects. The slower summer months are a great time for your business to invest in the skills and satisfaction of your employees.
  • Encourage your team to enjoy summer. We’re not saying to let them work half days all season, but don’t forget that happy employees are productive employees. Figure out how you can allow your employees enjoy their family vacations and summer plans while still meeting their work requirements.
  • Don’t deny yourself some sun. Along the same lines as the previous point, it’s important for the boss to be happy and productive too, especially if you’re a sole proprietor doing all the work (but keep point #1 in mind!).
  • Stay organized. Juggling all your employees’ and clients’ summer holiday schedules is possible – just stay on top of everything and plan accordingly.

Do you have any tips for staying focused in the summer? Let us know in the comments!

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