Ask us – we’re here for you. We’re entrepreneurs who love talking small business. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about our small business training program.


Here are some ways GoForth Institute is different from what you may be used to:

1. Our education is delivered 100% online. This means no traveling, no schedule restrictions and low overhead (which means more savings for you).

2. Our program was developed by leading entrepreneurs in Canada – and the recipient of the country’s first PhD in Entrepreneurship.

3. Our instructors and all staff members are entrepreneurs too, so we understand what you’re going through.

4. We developed our education program based on what hundreds of successful Canadian entrepreneurs told us we should be teaching you.

5. We offer a comprehensive program, teaching you absolutely everything you need to know about running a small business – in just a few minutes per day.

6. We care about your ongoing success, so we’ve spent hours compiling entrepreneurial resources and research that’s free for you to use.

GoForth Institute’s entrepreneur education is 100% online, delivered through streaming HD video modules. We believe in the power of technology to connect people no matter where they live. Our online education makes it possible for you to get small business training from anywhere in Canada – all you need is a computer and an internet connection!
We only offer one course – and it’s all you’ll need. In 15 Classes of short video lessons, you’ll learn our 100 Essential Small Business SkillsTM, skills that 200 of Canada's greatest entrepreneurs told us they wish they’d known when they were starting out. From marketing to income tax to balance sheets to competitive analysis, our expert entrepreneur-instructors will teach you what you need to increase your odds of small business success
Absolutely! We have a panel of small business experts who are helping entrepreneurs like you with the finer points of small business ownership. Visit our Ask an Expert page.

We also have several small business resources to help you answer all kinds of small business questions, from how to choose a name to how to hire your first employee to how to get a business license or permit. Also check out our Business Calculators for relevant spreadsheets and calculators; our Templates and Checklists page; and our Entrepreneur Library for more in-depth small business topic discussions

We’re proud to host a community of like-minded entrepreneurs in our Ask an Expert forum. No matter whether you’re currently taking our program, have graduated or are only curious – join our discussion today!
The GoForth Institute Business Builder Book contains all the things you learn in the online video modules – and more. Included are in-depth examinations of all aspects of starting and running a small business, including an entrepreneurial self-assessment; location strategies; forms of business organization; ways to kick-start your creativity; break-even analysis; tips for great management; business plan templates and hundreds of pages of great tips and resources you can use. Worksheets for each section are included as well.
GoForth Institute Business Builder Books are available for purchase on our secure site here. It will be shipped to you in 3-5 business days.
Our Business Builder Book must be purchased at the same time as your purchase of the online video modules.
You have one year from your purchase date to complete all three views of each lesson. However, if you wish to cancel your GoForth Institute small business training, we will permit the transfer of your GoForth license to someone else. Call us and we’ll make that happen. Sorry, no refunds once you’ve started to watch the video lessons.
We’ve partnered with Knowledge Vision to deliver our online video small business training. If you experience trouble with your videos at any time, please contact us at support@goforthinstitute.com and we will create a ticket for you with Knowledge Vision’s tech support team.
You can email your instructor right from your video module screen – no need to open your own email program! In the bottom right of the video lesson page, you will find the questions plugin. Fill out the information boxes with your email address and the question you have. Your instructor will get back to you within one business day with an answer.
Below the video player for the first Lesson of each Class, you will find the relevant Business Builder Book chapter, the Class Worksheet, and the Class Quiz.
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